Wooden brick mould (sancha)

Product description:

  • timber constructed vintage brick mould
  • approximately 30-33cm long by 15-17cm wide and 10cm high
  • from around Jodhpur, India

Constructed from timber with steel trimmings, these lovely old brick moulds were used to shape bricks.  But, at Merchant Campbell we use them for all manner of things.  And whilst they're great to display tiles, hold pens and paper and cards and whatnots, they really, truly shine as nice, low vessels for floral arrangements. Truly - they're fabulous!  On a mantelpiece or along a table, with or without taper candles, our brick moulds make beautiful arrangements really, really special.


All brick moulds are different, and any differences between images shown and those delivered are part of the fact that they are all different. Fact.