leather-bound journal with quotes and hand-stitched spine

Journalling is such an underrated thing.  Recoring your thoughts on paper, focussing on mindfulness, gratitude or your health can have such positive benefits for your mental well-being.  And who doesn't need that these days?  And what a better tool can you have than one of our beautiful hand-made, recycled cotton paper journals with an inspirational quote on the cover?

Merchant Campbell sources our paper products from Kalpana, a family-owned business in the heart of the fabric making area of Jaipur. In the villages and district around Jaipur in India, the traditional fabric industry is a major employer. People are employed in indigo dying, block printing, block-print carving, fabric weaving and more. And, interestingly, they're also employed in the handmade paper industry because the paper that's made around Jaipur is cotton paper, which uses cotton waste from the cotton fabric industry.

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