hand painted papier-mâché lacquer box

Product description;

  • papier-mâché boxes, hand painted and lacquered
  • available in seven different patterns:  butterfly, blue moghul, navy procession, red procession, green floral, white floral and pink & orange floral
  • and in a range of sizes: metre box (17x10x8), 3" pin heart box, 3" pin round box, 2" ring square or oval box, 3x3" flat box and 3x5" flat box
  • made in Kashmir, India

Our beautiful papier-mâché boxes are just so pretty.  Fabulous gifts, useful to hold whatnots and dreams, these little boxes are perfect for young and old alike.  Jewellery boxes, cufflinks, babies' teeth, lockets of hair - a whole raft of special and precious things can rest inside one of these perfect creations.

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