local merino Narrawa ribbed socks

Product description

  • 80% local merino wool for warmth and comfort, 20% nylon base to keep shape
  • merino wool grown in and around the Southern Tablelands of NSW
  • knitted in Crookwell, NSW

The Narrawa sock is all you want in a sock.  Honestly.  It's the plain Jane of the sock world - the honest toiler that quietly does its job and never lets you down, never complains and is always there for you.  A true friend.  You will love it and come to rely on it because it's just so comfortable and versatile.  No-one will nick it - it's not fancy enough - and it'll be the pair that'll always re-pair after the wash.  Mark my words.

The timeless ribbed knit of these little beauties ensures the socks mould to the shape of your foot, keeping you comfortable and dry by wicking moisture away from your skin. The ribbed construction allows for better airflow and you'll be cool in summer and warm in winter (and not so smelly). Get me four pairs...

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