heirloom kaani cashmere shawl

Kaani is a shawl woven with bobbins or twigs (called kaani in the local language) on a double twilled loom. Each luxurious and intricate shawl can take up to two years on the loom to finish. Merchant Campbell is proud and honoured to be able to offer one of this exclusive shawl, made by a few of the remaining handful of weavers who are masters of this technique.

The design of this shawl is rooted in traditional motifs with a contemporary touch.

The particular technique used here to create this beautiful heirloom was born and nurtured in the Kashmiri town of Kanihama, and closely resembles the weaving technique of elaborate tapestries. The designs are first colour-coded and then woven over the pashmina warp with the help of bobbins, each bobbin representing a different color. The bobbins are then interwoven with each other and the warp to bring to life beautiful floral, traditional or contemporary designs. Each shawl can take up to 2 years on the loom to finish. Merchant Campbell is proud and honoured to help employ a few of the remaining handful of weavers who are masters of this technique.

Made from the rarest and finest cashmere, using weaving techniques and arts from the 15th century Persia, a shawl like this is like no other.  It is the definition of wearing something pure and magical.  And just like the techniques used the make this shawl have been passed down through the generations, the shawl itself will also be something to pass down, from one generation to the next.

Product description:

  • 100% hand-woven cashmere
  • dimensions: 965 x 198mm
  • Dry-clean only