hammered & embossed pot

Product description:

  • hammered and embossed aluminium pot
  • available in three sizes: 200mm high x 250mm diameter; 150mm high x 200mm diametre; & 100mm high x 150mm across
  • suitable for indoors as well as outdoors  
  • made near Delhi, in India
  • clean with a warm, damp cloth.  Do not put in the dishwasher

Plants in the home give aesthetic beauty to wherever they're placed, as well as help purify and filter the air.  They add a lovely pop of welcome, lush green adding form and often height to a particular spot.  Merchant Campbell's great embossed and hammered pots make a lovley gift and are just the right thing for your ferns, orchids, strelitzias or bloomers (of the living kind!).  And they won't rust. Bonus!

Sturdy and hard wearing, our pots won't mark the furniture as they don't have drainage holes.  Conversersely, do not plant directly into the pot - and be mindful of this if you're putting the pots outside.

The family business which makes these lovely pots and other products has been hammering metal products for generations. Traditionally producing brass and bronze products, these savvy guys have adapted their business to move into the 21st century

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