Merchant Campbell’s story started in 1798 when the original Merchant Campbell, Robert Campbell, a Scot from the rugged Argyll coastline, began importing goods to the fledgling colony of NSW from Calcutta, India. Campbell was one of the first businessmen in the new settlement and is known by many not only as Merchant Campbell, but also as the father of Australian Commerce.

In 2017 his descendant, Margot Campbell Shannon began travelling to countries such as Indonesia and India, Vietnam and Thailand, sourcing interesting and beautiful hand-made home wares, soft furnishings, jewellery and gifts made by artisans, small businesses and producers with traditional skills.  Merchant Campbell proactively supports artisans, small business owners and ethical and environmentally sustainable producers, whether overseas or in Australia.

As a new online store, Merchant Campbell services a large regional customer base, aiming to provide desirable, interesting and high quality goods. Merchant Campbell strives to maintain the upmost levels of service for its customers, placing itself at the forefront of retail service in Australia.