tamegroute pottery

Product description

  • hand-made clay pottery with rich green wood-fired glaze
  • made in Tamegroute, Morocco
  • candlesticks: small about 15cm, medium about 18cm and large about 35cm
  • footed bowl: approx 30 x 14cm
  • jugs:  small about 14 - 17cm; medium about 19 - 25cm
  • vases:  small 12 x 13cm; large about 25cm high
  • shallow bowls/plates: 25 x 5cm and 19 x 7cm 

Perfectly imperfect, Tamegroute pottery is seriously beautiful with its lumps and bumps, stunning green wood fired glaze and fabulous iterations as bowls, candlesticks and plates.  

Tamegroute village, in the Sahara Desert on the border of Morocco and Algeria, is the home to seven Atelier families, each owning a wood-fired oven and their own workshop.

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