handmade santa claus decorations

Santa Claus, St Nick, Kris Kringle or Father Christmas! Whatever you know him as, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without him featuring somewhere in your home. As the traditional patron of Christmas to many, Merchant Campbell's simple and fun interpretation of the red fat guy will help spread Yuletide joy and the message of Christmas – love, joy and goodwill to all mankind.  

Merchant Campbell's Christmas decorations are made by Wayan and her husband, with the sporadic and sometimes reluctant assistance of their children.  Sounds normal.

Product details:

  • Handmade and handpainted
  • Available in 5 styles: Large (27cm); Medium (22cm); Small (15cm); Hanging Santa (pair) (14cm) and Santa on a Reindeer.
  • Made in Bali from fast-growing plantation timber

$10.00 $5.00