Gaucho Belt - old patterns (on sale & discontinued)

S A L E - D I S C O N T I N E D   S T Y L E S ! ! ! (See new styles)

Hola again! Seen on some of the best derrières in Australia, our Gaucho belts are just so fine! Made in small saddleries around Buenos Aires from heavy duty saddle leather and waxed cotton, these belts will last a lifetime and even improve upon ageing.

We have a range of gal, lad and Dad sizes online in colourways to suit even the most conservative hips and bottoms.

In the past, an Argentinian gaucho's (cowboy's) home district could be identified by the pattern and colour of his belt. Nowadays, these belts are seen around the world, but the best ones still come from the small Argentinian saddleries around Buenos Aires, made by artisans who’ve worked leather for generations producing lifetime-lasting saddles, bridles and belts like ours. 

These make the best prezzies for blokes and boys eva!! And gals too. 

Product description:

  • embroidered belt made from heavy duty, high quality saddle leather and waxed cotton with brass buckle
  • available in sizes 85 - 110 in a range of colourways
  • made in saddleries around Buenos Aires, Argentina


$130.00 $65.00