gelato-coloured gemstone drop earrings

Product description:

  • 925 sterling silver construction
  • Single-round drop stones: approx 14mm
  • Double round-oval drop stones: approx 12mm (round) and 17mm (oval)
  • Double-round drop stones: approx 12mm and 15mm
  • Large double-round drop stones: approx 12mm and 18mm
  • Handmade in Jaipur, India

Pretty gelato-coloured semi-precious stones shimmer in these sterling silver drop earrings. Faceted to reflect the light, choose from smokey quartz, lemon quartz, green amethyst, aqua chalcedony or rose quartz, in four styles of single-round drops; double-round drops; large double-round drops and double round-oval drops.

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