grampians aromatherapy candle

These lovely, luxe and sophisticated candles are inspired by the rugged Grampian mountains in Victoria and won't taint your home with generic fragrances. Made locally in the Grampians, this lovely range will gently scent your home or space and create a scense of cosiness.

Pair this candle with a marble scallop bowl or rimmed marble plate to make the perfect gift for someone special. 

Product description:

  • Hand poured eco-friendly, soy wax candle

  • 100% pure essential oil blends with aromatherapeutic properties

  • Available in six lovely blends: clove & jasmine to awaken the senses; grapefruit & geranium to focus; lemon & basil for energy; Roman chamomile & lavandin to relax; Siberian fir and cedarwood for confidence; sweet orange and palmarosa for harmony

  • No nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde and parafin and lead & zinc-free wicks 

  • Approximately 60 hours burn time