Woven plant basket

Isn't it great that indoor plants are back in vogue?  They have so many benefits!  Indoor plants add oxygen to the air and life to a room.  they can add structure and height and a lovely injection of green.  And Merchant Campbell's woven jute plant baskets compliment all manner of plants, and are available in a range of contemporary colours and patterns.

But the uses of these lovely jute plant baskets aren't just limited to plants.  Oh, no!  They make a great shoe or toy basket or even a hold-all for your knitting!  Their uses are as diverse as your imagination allows...

Product description:

  • woven from 100% jute
  • available in a range of colours & patterns
  • dimensions:  30cm x 30cm
  • please note:  we suggest you place a dish underneath any plant placed inside the basket to avoid potential water leaks and damage to surfaces.