hand painted papier-mâché bangle

Product description;

  • papier-mâché bangles, hand painted and lacquered
  • available in seven different patterns:  butterfly, blue moghul, navy procession, red procession, green floral, white floral and pink & orange floral
  • and in two widths - large and small
  • fits small to medium adult size hands
  • made in Kashmir, India

Our beautiful papier-mâché bangles are just so pretty.  Fabulous gifts, useful to hold whatnots and dreams, these little boxes are perfect for young and old alike.  Jewellery boxes, babies' teeth, lockets of hair - a whole raft of special and precious things can rest inside one of these perfect creations.

Hint:  most Indian woman will fit their bangles over their hands using a plastic bag, ensuring a snug fit.  Use hand cream, if you'd rather - and to take off your bangle too.

Made and painted mostly by Kashmiri men using natural materials such as recycled paper and hair brushes for painting, our bnagles are a nod to the past when little was wasted and time allowed the gentle and slow creation of beauty.

The tradition of making papier-mâché decorative objects came to the Kashmir Valley from Iran in the 15th century.  It's a painstaking, time consuming and highly skilled technique that is in danger of dying out, as it's challenged by technology and today's fast paced world.  We at Merchant Campbell like supporting those artisans who've learned their trade and skills from their father before them, and their fathers before.