hand painted ceramic bath set

Super pretty four piece bath set comprising of tooth mug, soap dish, cotton wool jar with lid and tray.  All hand-painted by artisans for the wonderful social enterprise, Neerja.

Neerja was started to create employment for the poorest of the poor in Jaipur and surounding villages.  Founded in 1979 by the incredible Mrs Leela Bordia in Jaipur, Neerja Blue Pottery supports hundreds of craftsmen and their families in and around Jaipur, with a focus on creating self-reliance in the villages where this craft is still practiced.

Each piece of Neerja Blue Pottery is made in the homes of the artisans, with the concept of the company focussed on allowing the craftsmen to actually have sufficient employment to remain at home in their village and enable them to farm their land along with making pottery.

The pieces are then collected and fired in the workplace in Jaipur.