millet broom

Our brooms come from the Tumut Broom Factory, which is the last original Millet Broom Factory in Australia. Their handmade millet brooms have been made at the factory the same way since 1946 and are made from 100% millet and have quality Tasmanian oak handles. They'll last a lifetime! 

We have a range of sizes in these brooms (please see photos for reference). Whilst the smaller ones can be posted (kids' brooms and whisks), if you're after a larger one, please get in touch on 0498 009 814 or 02 6226 1240 to arrange click & collect.

Our range:

Woolshed broom:  The addition of a strong cane centre makes this broom ideal for outdoor areas. Size 145cm (tip to top) x 29cm (Base of broom).  Please note:  this broom is only click & collect

Traditional 6 Tie – Slightly smaller than the No 1 Tumut, the Traditional 6 Tie is great for indoors too. Size 140cm high x 30cm wide. Please note:  this broom is only click & collect

Caravan Broom – Smaller size perfect for caravans, tents or for those who might find larger brooms to unweildy or heavy. Size 124cm (tip to top) x 25cm (base of broom). Please note:  this broom is only click & collect

Whisk – These little brooms are just the thing you need to keep your outdoor furniture looking fabulous. Great for getting into all those nooks and crannies in your house.  

Kids Toy Broom – With a shorter handle that’s easy for little hands to manoeuvre and play with.

Remember to ALWAYS hang or store your broom upside down inside to maximise the broom's life