block printed floral party tablecloth 300x180cm

Picture this. It's a party, with long tables covered in pretty floral cloths in different patterns and shades of pink.  Music fills the air, the sun is shining and a gentle breeze flaps the edges of the cloths. Guests wander happily amongst the tables, sitting down and chatting, jumping up and embracing old friends.  Glasses catch the sunlight, and platters of delicious food are being carried out to the hungry guests.  Oh, so idyllic.

Well, we can help with the tablecloths.  Bought with parties in mind, and the idea that maybe mix and match might be fun, or maybe all one pattern.  Either way, these cloths are 300cm long and generously wide and will help herald in the relaxed and happy vibe that we all look for at a party. 

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