all weather picnic blanket

These Australian-made, authentic Scottish tartan wool picnic blankets are lined with an oilskin backing. They’re waterproof for those dewy morning picnics, packing down easily to fit in the picnic basket or in the car boot for impromptu road trip stop-offs.  And what's more, they won't pick up seed heads or thistles.

Paired with matching soft and snuggly picnic rugs, and matching paddock pillows, getting outside (without sacrificing comfort) is easier than ever.

Versatile, durable and classy, these lined picnic rugs are available in all your favourite colours from our standard blanket line; Autumn, Camel, Classic, Forest, Gold, Grey, Malt, Navy, Rebellion, Spring, Traditional, and Winter, plus the new colour, Hunter (a crowd favourite!).

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