Our focus at Merchant Campbell is on sustainable, ethically produced, hand-made products.  The cashmere for our stoles, scarves and wraps at Merchant Campbell is combed from goats native to the pure air and high alps of Kashmir. Our cotton hand block-printed dresses, shifts and kaftans are made from pure, natural cotton and linen and produced by ethical means using no child or sweatshop labour and using sustainable methods.  Gaucho belts from Argentina in best quality saddle leather and waxed cotton grace our shop, ready to sling themselves around your snake hips.  And our printing is all done by hand, our weaving by foot operated looms using traditional methods, centuries old. Oh, and our socks are made locally from beautiful merino wool, Yass Alpaca and silk - and they are so, so, so warm and toasty!  Ready, set, go!